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Working in the cloud... wherever you are, whenever you want. With the TSplus Remote Desktop app, your Windows Applications are available anywhere in real time, simply by connecting to Wi-Fi or the Internet. The App can build up any number of connections simultaneously to different sites and servers. With just one click, you are connected to the server in New York; with another click, you start your CRM in Los Angeles.

TSplus Apps are available for all major operating systems as web or native apps. After a quick download, your devices are ready for use within a few minutes.
Easily print any document and photo you need on the nearest local printer.

From smartphones to tablets and up to workstation - all end devices are compatible with the same unlimited functionality for the same operations.


The TSplus App has 2 pre-requisites:


Features and Benefits

Easy to setup and use

Get started in minutes, then one-click connect to a TSplus server where you can use the any software, such as QuickBooks, SAP or Office, in real time - wherever you are.


Reduce software costs

Using the free TSplus App, save your company money by paying for only one TSplus license and access your servers from as many devices as you wish!

TSplus goes mobile...

Use any business app anywhere, at any time. With the TSplus App, you always have a secure connection to your data via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Data protection is always a priority...

All connections are encrypted, enabled either locally at your company or at a data center, without storing any data on end devices - as safe and secure as in the office.

Infinite Freedom

Business tasks are no longer restricted by location. Read, print files in your home office, write reports, and outsource tasks at peak loads to other service providers.

TSplus App is a "must-have".

Flexible working hours... means easier access for staff. You can now offer your employees a working time model that fits precisely into their lifestyles.

Access a Remote Server from your mobile device now!

The TSplus App is free for TSplus Web Mobile Edition and Enterprise users.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the default setting I should use for my TSplus App?

The TSplus App is using your TSplus Web Server to connect.

- HTTP: in such case the default port number is the port 80
- HTTPS: In such case the default port number is the port 443

For example, if the IP address of your TSplus server is, With your web browser, Chrome for example, you will type and you will see the TSplus Web Portal display within Chrome.

In such case, it is the same IP that you will to use for the TSplus App.

I have typed the correct IP address of my TSplus server, BUT, I cannot connect. Why?

Probably, your TSplus web server HTTP port number is not the port 80 but something else, for example port 8080.

Verify this point with your AdminTool and edit your TSplus App setting to add the proper port number.

What about Use SSL and IP address?

To understand this point, just use your web browser, Chrome for example. What will you see when you add "https" before your server IP address, for example: httpS:// ?

By design, SSL certificates are bind with a domain name. This requirement applies to the TSplus App when using Android or IOS. The TSplus App will not receive back the expected SSL certificate and the connection will not possible. For your information, we developed a work-around on this specific point for the TSplus App Windows version.

I am using my Domain name to access my TSplus server, for example However, I cannot connect. Why?

Like previously explained for IP addresses, when you are not using the default HTTP/HTTPS port number (80/443), you have to type the your domain name with the proper port number. For example:

- (with Use SSL unchecked)
- (with Use SSL selected)

If you want to Use SSL, or when your domain web server enforces the HTTPS protocol for security raisons, your SSL certificate must be a certified one.

If your domain name SSL certificate is not a certified on, the TSplus App will not be able to start the connection. In such case you must enter your domain name with Use SSL unchecked.

Does the printing option work on that app?

Yes, you can print by using the Universal Printer.
Since TSplus App 11.40 version, printed documents open with the default PDF reader app.

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