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2. Select your Support & Updates Services plan and duration
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Or Purchase a Long-Term Support License

As a large organization, you may not wish to update TSplus for every new feature and improvement. TSplus LTS is the right option for you.
You can use the same version for a longer period of time, and still benefit from security updates and Support service that ensure the stability of your installation.

This special license is supported for two years. A new LTS version from the current TSplus version is published every year before a new major version is released.
For more information, check the online documentation.

To benefit from the TSplus LTS License, please contact us at -

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TSplus perpetual license price does not include the annual Support & Updates Services fees.
To keep your TSplus installation up-to-date and protected, it is highly recommended to subscribe and to renew the annual Support & Updates Services fees.

The annual Support & Updates Services fee warrants you to receive all software changes, update patches, bug fixes and even whole new versions of TSplus.
During the service period, you will also benefit from our online Support Team assistance.

If you have any question about TSplus Support & Updates Services, please send an email to our Support Team Manager:

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