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TSplus 12.40 release announcement:

TSplus 12.30 release announcement:

Two-Factor Authentication can now be done by SMS, thanks to a third-party third-party cloud platform, Twilio. You will just have to create a free account on their website and enter the corresponding account information on the Configure SMS tab of the Two-Factor Authentication Add-On.

Two-factor authentication is available with HTML5 and Remoteapp connections on TSplus Web portal only, on TSplus Mobile Web and Enterprise Editions.
This authentication mode does not support login through Remote Desktop client. For more information, check this documentation.

TSplus 12.20 release announcement:

The TSplus team is proud to offer the release of Version 12, which introduces a brand new AdminTool interface designed with 3 qualities in mind - Speed, Security and Simplicity.
Many functionalities were enhanced, reorganized and simplified for smoother management and administration.

The 2-FA Add-On is an amazing new TSplus tool, integrated as a 30 days trial for 10 users. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security and prevent access to your users' session even if someone knows their password.

It enables a double authentication by combining two different factors:

  1. The user credentials (Logon/Password)
  2. One security code provided by something each user immediately has at hand: His Smartphone with an authentication app such as Google Authenticate.
Two-factor authentication is available for the TSplus Web portal only. For more information, check this documentation.

OpenJDK integrated installation: Last year Oracle announced a new release train for Java: Starting with Java 9, most Java versions will only have a lifetime of 6 months.
Updates will not be provided for the version after this period. As a solution to Oracle's new schedule, TSplus 12.20 embeds its own solution: in case the latest version of Java is not found on the system, TSplus automatically offers - during setup and updates - to download and install OpenJDK 11. OpenJDK is the open source part of Java, also used to build the Oracle JDK. Therefore it works perfectly fine with TSplus!

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