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Worldwide, over 250.000 customers enjoy using TSplus today. Some are small businesses like restaurants, SPA salons, Chartered Accountants, Architects firms...
Some are large government agencies like the US Army; Universities and Colleges have also selected TSplus as UCLA or Paris La Sorbonne. Large corporations also deploy TSplus, like Siemens for demanding and critical applications missions.

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Press References

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Enterprise Security Magazine

Enterprise Security Magazine is a digital and printed platform, which assist Chief Security Officers in working with greater agility to leverage tools and technology that can help them in overcoming problems.

The magazine speaks about the security solutions which can help organizations to get prepared for radical changes and mainstream attacks that can cripple an infrastructure.
It follows a unique learn-from-peer approach where Chief Security Officers and decisions makers share their innovative solutions along with their industry expertise and wisdom.

Enterprise Security Magazine recognized TSplus as a Top Endpoint Security Solution Providers for 2020.

Olivier Benoit, TSplus CEO, talks about how TSplus delivers cutting-edge IT security solutions on the article you can read directly on Enterprise Security Magazine website or download it in PDF format.

CIO Review

CIO Review is a leading technology magazine. It carries a reputation as a trustworthy knowledge source and sharing platform for executives, experts, IT buyers and other decision-makers focused on new technology trends in the market. Every year, CIO Review selects 10 promising businesses who offer exceptional Citrix Solutions. Interviews with their leaders are then compiled in one Special Edition.

John Davies, our founder and President, was invited to share the story behind TSplus - Who we are and how we became a leader in Information access and security.

Read the article on CIO Review website or Download the article in PDF format.

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Customers References

James Martin,

« We implemented TSplus 8 years ago for the needs of our architecture firm. We have deployed the software for more than 10 seats over our 3 offices in the US. The product itself is great, it fulfills a specific niche and does it well. »

Jared Edis,

« We use TSplus for almost a year and it has worked well. It is a very good and inexpensive alternative to purchasing Microsoft terminal service licenses. »

Thomas Schulz,

« As a servers hosting company, we started to use TSplus in 2013. Easy to install and set up, easy administration: TSplus is the perfect answer to facilitate our business and reduce our costs. »

Ron Novak,

« TSplus is a great product for remote connections. It saves the need to go through Microsoft. »

Errol Maynard,

« TSplus is such a great product. In less than 3 years, we have deployed the software over our 18 offices spread all over the world. I appreciate that the team stays on top of MS updates and patches to keep workflow going. »


« It's a great product and we like it a lot. I've been happy with the updates you have made and the issues you have overcome. I am more than likely to recommend TSplus to my clients and partners. »

CCMV S.A (Costa Rica)

« We started to use TSplus 4 years ago for the needs of our company, a software developer, network manager and datacenter. TSplus is an excellent product and we highly recommend it! »

Simon Bosanquet

« For more than 5 years, we are using TSplus within our various sites in UK and Italy. We especially appreciate your customer support which is always helpful and fairly prompt. »

Luis Rodriguez

« I am a reseller of TSplus in Guatemala since 2013, and the support is great, thanks. The software completely fulfills my expectations and those of my clients. »

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TSplus Customers Feedback

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TSplus Worlwide References

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