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TSplus 11.20 release announcement:

Working in the cloud... wherever you are, whenever you want. With the 11.20 release of TSplus, your Windows applications are available anywhere in real time, simply by using Wifi or Internet connections.
The TSplus HTML5 client has been greatly enhanced to warrant the best possible user experience even from Smartphones or tablets.

TSplus Mobile App announcement

With TSplus 11.20 release , the exciting announcement we are proud to make today is the availability of the new TSplus App.

Download TSplus App from Google Store (Android) or Apple iTune Store (IOS). The TSplus App is free for all TSplus customers. Try it now and you will easily understand why all your users will enjoy using it every day. The TSplus app is simple, smart and efficient to run remote applications with any kind of mobile devices (Smartphones, tablets and even PCs).

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If you like the TSplus App as we do, please take time to add your Review on the Stores; this would be greatly appreciated.

The TSplus App has 2 pre-requisites:
- The host site must be a TSplus Web Mobile or Enterprise system.
- The 11.20 release must be installed on this host: Download it.

TSplus 11.10 release announcement:

TSplus 10.50 release announcement:

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