Virtual Printer for HTML5

The virtual printer is a new feature integrated to the TSplus 8.40 version.
Print speed is drastically enhanced when you choose this virtual printer to print using an HTML5 connection.
You can choose between 3 virtual printer options:

Screenshot 1

With the PDF preview, you will be able to print on any of your local printers:

Screenshot 2

For your information, With the PDF preview, you can use the following procedure to modify the default printer displayed in a HTML5 session. You can edit with Notepad the file named printers.bin. This file is stored in: C:\Program Files (x86)\TSplus\Clients\webserver

You will see this command line:

PRINTERS=PS:%PRINTMENU%MS Publisher Imagesetter%Virtual Printer with Preview %;PS:%DEFAULT%%PRINTHIDE%MS Publisher Imagesetter%Virtual Printer %;PS:%PRINTMARK%MS Publisher Imagesetter%Virtual Printer IE Edge %;

You can change the print name display field, for example: Virtual Printer with Preview can be changed to: Display my document

You can remove one printer display, for example: PS:%PRINTMARK%MS Publisher Imagesetter%Virtual Printer IE Edge %;

Or you can set as default a different kind of virtual printer.
Example: If you wish to keep only one redirected Virtual Printer, the command line will be:

PRINTERS=PS:%DEFAULT%%PRINTHIDE%MS Publisher Imagesetter%Local Printers %;

The user will see one single "redirected Virtual Printer", the display name is changes and this printer is set as the default one. The user will see:

'Local Printers (redirected)'

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