Remote Connection from an iPhone / iPad / Android device

You can connect to your Terminal Service Plus server on any browser from any mobile device supporting the HTML5 technology, such as:

Edit the preferences for Mobile devices

Since the 11.20 release, the TSplus HTML5 client has been greatly enhanced to offer the best possible user experience even from Smartphones or tablets. The keyboard has been redesigned to automatically pop-up when the focus is over an entry field. The mouse pointer has been redesigned to facilitate the selection of buttons and fields even if located on the left or the bottom borders of a Smartphone.

You can set up various different HTML5 settings for mobile devices or computers on the HTML5 client tile of the Web Tab:

Screenshot 1-8

Screenshot 2-8

Smartphone and tablets Preferences:

Edit the HTML5 Top Menu

On the HTML5 Top Menu tab, you can add applications that will be displayed on the first or second level of the Top Menu in HTML5:

Screenshot 3-8

On level one, you can find the integrated HTML5 features: printing, file transfer and a clipboard. (For more information about these features, go to theses pages:
Universal Printer for HTML5, Using file transfer and Using Clipboard.)

On this example, Foxit and Excel are published on level 2:

Screenshot 4-8

And can be found under the integrated features on the top menu into the HTML5 session:

Screenshot 5-8

Furthermore, the top-right icon allows you to switch your session to fullscreen.

Terminal Service Plus built-in HTML5 client provides the user a completely new menu on tablets and mobile devices. With this new menu the user gets an easy access to mobile keyboard and right click, but also to file sharing and to our unique Universal Printing feature!

Screenshot 6-8

Please refer to this documentation for how to use the mini mouse and keyboard.

Language selection

You can now change the language with the language button at the right of the top menu:

Screenshot 7-8

You can choose the language for the specific country you wish to on this menu:

Screenshot 8-8

Brute-Force Attacks Defense

Since TSplus 11.40 release, brute-force attacks on the Web Portal are now blocked when users enter wrong credentials.
After 10 attempts during a period of 10 minutes, the Web Portal will prohibit the user to logon for 20 minutes:

Screenshot 7

These are the default settings which are customizable on the hb.exe.config file located on the TSplus folder:
TSplus\Clients\www\cgi-bin\hb.exe.config in the "appSettings" paragraph.

You can check all blocked connections and logs on the Brute-Force Defender tile of RDS-Knight Ultimate Protection:

Screenshot 8

This functionality is visible and active after the first Web Portal connection.

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