HTML5 Client: Parameters in URL address

When using Terminal Service Plus HTML5 client to connect to a remote server, you can specify several parameters in the URL address to override default parameters, such as:

Run a Specific Application

Here is an example of a full URL address to open a remote session for user "john" with password "demo" and by starting standard notepad upon session opening:\\\\windows\\\\system32\\\\notepad.exe&startupdir=c:\\\\windows\\\\system32&params=

Please note that in the URL address all slashes characters must be repeated 4 times.

You do not have to specify all these parameters at the same time: the parameters not specified will have their default configured value.

Connect with Web Credentials

If you want to use a Web Credential to connect, you can pass it in an URL by adding an "@" before the Web Login.

Here is an example of a URL address to open a remote session for Web Credentials "1234" with password "demo":

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