Fast and easy File Transfer between the User and the Server


TSplus includes a unique method of transferring files:

Because the file transfers are based on a Virtual Channel, it is a lot faster than a file copy, and it can be done even when the local user disk drives are not mapped.

FileTransfer program and Generated Clients

The File Transfer program is located in your TSplus program folder, under the name "FileTransfer.exe" into the following path: "UserDesktop\files"


Transferring files

Transferring files is very easy.

First, launch the File Transfer (for instance by using TSplus Floating Panel):

Screenshot 2

Then navigate to your file using the folders tree:

Screenshot 3

Finally, right click on the file that you want to transfer to the other side, and click on "Send to server" (or "Send to client"):

Screenshot 4

File Transfer works from the local workstation to the server, as well as the other way around (from the server to the local workstation).

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