Assigning Applications to Users or Groups


Once you have published some applications, you can publish them to one or more users and/or groups.
To do so, click on the "Assign Application" tile in the "Applications" section of the AdminTool.

Screenshot 1-2

The following window will be displayed. It allows you to assign applications to a selected user or group:

Screenshot 2-2

How to Assign an Application to a user (or a group)

In the left tree view, you can see a complete list of all your users and groups (local as well as from your Active Directory if any).
All users and groups having at least one application assigned are displayed with their name in bold.

In the left tree view, click on a user (or a group): his currently assigned applications will be checked in the right tree view.

Change all Applications Assignments

You can change which application is available to which user/group on the same window.
It is a good way to visually check the current application assignments.

In this example, the users John and Julia, as well as any member of the "Users" Group will be able to see the Microsoft Remote Desktop and to use the Notepad, Foxit, Excel, Powerpoint and calc applications :

Screenshot 2-1

Important remarks when using TSplus Seamless Client

With the TSplus Seamless Client, the users will not display the Microsoft Remote Desktop windows. The applications can be found on the local desktop as if they were native local applications. Users will only see the applications assigned by the administrator.

Rules for Microsoft Remote Desktop, TSplus Remote Taskbar, Floating Panel and Application Panel

For more information on the Remote Taskbar, Floating and Application Panels, see these documentations: Remote Taskbar, Floating and Application Panels

RemoteApp Menu on Client

Since TSplus 10.50 version, the Administrator can enable a RemoteApp menu by ticking this box at the bottom of the Assign Applications window:

Screenshot 3-1

The Administrator must then generate a new connection client. Each user will be able see, on his START menu, and within his SISTRAY icons, the list of his assigned applications. Without using his generated client, he will be able to select within these "Local Menus" one of these applications and to start it as a RemoteAPP. Once launched, this menu is available even after the user ended his session or rebooted his pc.

Screenshot 3-2

Screenshot 3-2

For more information, see this page.

Running scripts/programs on session opening

See this video on how to Assign Applications.

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