Application Publishing


TSplus supports 4 different kinds of Application Publishing:

There is a priority rule to remember: The Microsoft Remote Desktop has the highest priority, then the TSplus Taskbar, then specific applications.
If a user has a specific application assigned and TSplus taskbar or Microsoft Remote Desktop, they will not see the specific application because they
have a lower priority.

Managing Application using the Admin Tool

You will add or delete applications using the AdminTool, by clicking on the "Application Publishing tab" on the Applications tile:

Screenshot 1-2

Screenshot 2-2

  1. Notepad is published as an example. To publish an application, click on the "Add a new application" button, then browse your folders, and finally name it in the dedicated field.
  2. You must click on the "Save" button to store any modification.
  3. After declaring a new application, we recommend to use the "Test (start selected)" button to check that the application has correctly started.
  4. For each new application, you can specify if this application must start maximized, minimized or hidden.
    You can also tell the system to apply this application to all users.

Publishing applications from Start Menu

You can also publish applications from the Start Menu of your server, by clicking on the "Application from Start Menu" button on the previous window or on this tab:

Screenshot 2-3

Select and save the desired applications to publish:

Screenshot 2-4

Important remarks

See this video on how to publish applications.

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