TSplus Strengthens Its Partnership With Cogito China

Posted on October 3rd, 2019

This month, the International President of TSplus John Davies will meet Rich Yu, CEO of Cogito in Beijing. The two leaders will take this opportunity to finalize their plans to kick off the second phase of TSplus distribution in China.

It’s been almost a year since John Davis first met with Rich Yu to talk about adding TSplus Remote Desktop solutions in Cogito’s product catalog in China. Since then, things have progressed quite well.

TSplus and Cogito Join forces in China

Cogito Software is a high-tech enterprise devoted to the design, development, and marketing of software products. Entering the Chinese market in 2000, Cogito is based in the Beijing University of Sciences and Technology district. Thanks to its strategy of   cooperation with high-end IT manufactures, Cogito has successfully developed a strong network of over 2000 resellers and 40,000 users China. Major western IT actors such as Citrix, Java and Teamviewer have already entrusted Cogito with their local distribution. For obvious reasons John Davies has also chosen Cogito as the right partner for introducing TSplus to the Chinese IT market. 

With its Remote Access solution offerings ranging from RDP to HTML5 connection client and Web Application Portal available on any device, to Security tools like Two Factor Authentication and Ransomware protection, TSplus has high potential for success in this enterprise.

Introducing TSCom to Chinese IT market

Cogito Software and TSplus have announced a long-term agreement in 2019, giving the exclusive distribution of “TSCom”, a rebranded – and adapted to the local consumers needs – version of TSplus. 

Cogito team has spent the last few months working on the creation of marketing material, logo and the local website dedicated to their new TSCom solution. John Davies will pay a visit to Rich Yu next week in Beijing with a double objective: confirm their business goals and set the next strategic steps for TSCom kick off. 

TSCom solution is already available in the most updated version:

TSCom soon available in Chinese market!

The website will be released soon. Stay tuned for more information! 

For any interest into TSplus’ distribution for the Chinese market, please visit tsplus.cn,  www.tsplus.hk  or directly contact TSplus Asia Sales Director at adrian.foo@terminalserviceplus.com.


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    "We have been using TSplus since 2009 on more than 5 servers throughout our branches.We find this solution easy to use and
    , and most importantly it meets our requirements with an affordable cost. Besides that, the response and support from
    TSplus team is excellent
    and we do not see any reason stop using this tool in our environment."

    Lee Lee Lim

    Lam Soon
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    "We invested years creating DriveWare for the transportation industry. Our customers were looking for a way to run their software on the cloud. There were two options: rewrite the entire app for the web or use TSplus. The answer was simple. We chose TSplus because our core package ran inside the browser without any modifications. Remote printing features help our users print on their local printer(s). In addition, they can access their program from their IPad or any Android device. What more can we ask for? The support from the TSplus team has been excellent. I highly recommend this product."

    Jay Hosseinian

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    "The TSplus RDP application has enabled our company to create a whole new business division. We've created Software as a Service for our customers that utilize smart phones, tablets, Windows and Mac based computers. We started with a single server and have grown to 10 servers with over 550+ simultaneous log ins. The software has been rock solid for the past two years. Technical support is superb, making TSplus the total RDP solution at an extremely affordable price!"

    Kent Crabtree

    President of Spa/Salon Manager Online
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    "We have been recommending TSplus to our clients for use with our custom limsExpress database software for over 3 years. TSplus is fast, improving connection speed thus providing an excellent resource for our clients to quickly and efficiently work with their data either via remote connection or in the office. TSplus has been reliable and effective, furnishing a virtually full proof option for a smooth data access environment. TSplus doesn\'t require local software installation; connecting a new pc is fast and easy. TSplus allows programs to run from the server on the remote machine reducing network traffic and saving software costs."

    Jesse Brown

    Dynamic Databases
  • They talk about us!

    "This is a very easy product to set up and use. TSplus has easily integrated into my existing and aging Citrix farm, to expand the services offered and give new remote access options. With every update of this product I find more and more uses for it. The universal printing works so easily it is a relief when compared with what I have put up with in Citrix."

    Graham Stewart

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    "We implemented TSplus 8 years ago for the needs of our architecture firm. We have deployed the software for more than 10 seats over our 3 offices in the US. The product itself is great, it fulfills a specific niche and does it well."

    James Martin

    Shepley BULFINCH
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    "We use TSplus for almost a year and it has worked well. It is a very good and inexpensive alternative to purchasing Microsoft terminal service licenses."

    Jared Edis

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    "As a servers hosting company, we started to use TSplus in 2013. Easy to install and set up, easy administration: TSplus is the perfect answer to facilitate our business and reduce our costs."

    Thomas Schulz

    FLOORIT AB (Sweden)
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    "TSplus is such a great product. In less than 3 years, we have deployed the software over our 18 offices spread all over the world. I appreciate that the team stays on top of MS updates and patches to keep workflow going."

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    Simon Bosanquet

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    "We have discovered TSplus only few months ago and we have already created many remote clients. We are very satisfied with your solution. Keep on staying on top of future changes in operating systems and browsers as you have."


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    "In Shortcuts, we are true believers of TSplus added value. We have been using the software for 6 years now and we are extremely satisfied. Apart from being a great product, we love the after sales service and support. We have over 1000 clients using the feature."

    Tony Antoniou

    SHORTCUTS (Australia)