TSplus International Announces the Nomination of a Sales Director

Posted on February 14th, 2019

On January 21st, TSplus’ entire headquarters team came together in Paris for the official kick off of the new year. The purpose was to announce strategic objectives and major organizational changes coming in 2019. One of those changes is the creation of a new executive position, “International Sales Director”.

Mr. John Davies, President of TSplus International, is delighted to announce the nomination of Mr. Alexandre Bokor, former CEO of Omniware, as the new International Sales Director. Beginning in March, Alexandre will take command of the Sales and Marketing team, starting a new era of international business development for TSplus.

TSplus Secure Remote Access, a Growing Success

For the past ten years, TSplus International has been providing secure remote desktop and web portal access, as well as Windows application delivery solutions to an ever growing market. TSplus International worldwide operations are spread throughout nine geographic locations: the USA and Canada, Latin America, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, the Middle East, Southern Asia, South-eastern Asia and Eastern Asia.​

During TSplus’ first meeting of the year which took place in Paris last month, John Davies presented the growth calculations from 2018. License sales have increased exponentially, reflecting an upward trend that can be traced back over 5 years.

During that time, TSplus has expanded it reseller network to over 5000 members worldwide.International collaboration is at an all-time high. Significant improvements have been rolled out through regular updates and planned version upgrades. The suite of available add-ons has improved and increased. Most importantly, the company has continued to grow and evolve internally to meet the demands that come with an expanding market presence.

While growth is important, it is vital that TSplus continues to set the standards of service and maintain a high level of satisfaction from both partners and users.

This brings us to 2019. The watchwords for the year are Quality and Professionalism. For this reason, Mr. John Davies has decided to create the International Sales Director position that Mr. Alexandre Bokor will hold from Paris, France.

A New Director to Structure TSplus’ Business Strategy

Since 2009, Mr. Alexandre Bokor has been successfully redistributing TSplus software through his own company, OmniWare, a leading solutions reseller in western europe . Over time, John and Alexandre have developed a solid relationship based on this successful partnership. As a result, in Autumn 2018, John had the idea to offer Alexandre the opportunity to join him in leading the TSplus international market.

Alexandre has the perfect profile for this mission. Based on his 10 years of experience selling TSplus, he is intimately familiar with the specific business challenges involved, and is a seasoned expert in the Remote Access market, sharing both the vision of the entrepreneur and the reseller in the field. This makes him uniquely qualified to fill a dual role –

  • Head of Sales and Marketing: Alexandre will lead the day to day operations of the talented sales and marketing staff. Bringing new insight and structure with a global focus, he will reinforce the stability of existing markets, while opening new ones.​
  • Strategic Director: Acting as the right-hand of the Chief Executive, he will help define the focus and direction of long-term strategies and investments with the primary objective of accelerating and consolidating the internal transformation of the company into a solid international organization. This is a team effort, requiring close collaboration with all the key players at TSplus – From Development and Tech Support to the Regional Directors.

With the creation of the Sales Director position, TSplus strengthens its foundation to grow even higher and further, taking TSplus’ performance to the next level.

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