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TSplus web-enables any Windows hosted app and allow to use it on any mobile device

TSplus Announced a New Solution to Web Enable Any Clarion Application

Like Delphi or PowerBuilder, Clarion is a 4GL, Rapid Application programming language and Integrated Development Environment used to program mission critical database applications. Clarion apps deployment have been field tested ...
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RDS-Knight integration to TSplus

TSplus 11.50 Facilitates the Work of TSplus Administrators

The TSplus development team has been working hard over the summer, and this month the software developer is rolling out its new release 11.50. This major update includes additions and ...
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RDS-Knight 2.0 to Track Attacks and Visibly Secure TSplus Servers

Executive Summary: Last week, TSplus' Development Team announced the fresh release of a brand-new 11.40 version, which focuses on consolidating the security of remote access connections. As part of the enhancements, ...
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Security at the Core of TSplus New 11.40 Release

Executive Summary: TSplus keeps developing its star software for the benefit of the greatest number. Yesterday a new version has been uploaded. This 11.40 release is a major release, which ...
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TSplus App to connect to office from anywhere

5 Reasons to Get the TSplus App Before Leaving for Holidays

Executive Summary: we're well into July and everyone is getting ready to leave for holidays. Employees and managers have booked their annual leaves, which, with no way of keepingtrack, can ...
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Positive Results Announced at TSplus Quarterly Board Meeting

Executive Summary: TSplus held their quarterly Board of Directors meeting in Paris last week. This meeting was the beginning of a tradition established last April during the International meeting in Mauritius ...
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TSplus mobile App icone on Ipad

TSplus App 11.40 (v2) Release Enables Mobile Remote Printing!

Executive Summary: Two months ago, TSplus revealed the best 2018 news to its millions of users around the world: the official release of its very first mobile app! This announcement ...
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Server Genius 3.2 to Monitor TSplus User’s Experience

Executive Summary: As announced earlier this year, TSplus has been working on vast improvements to Server Genius, their add-on for monitoring TSplus Remote Desktop software. Today, they are proud to ...
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