TSplus Announces a New Version of the Mobile App

Riding on the extremely positive feedback which welcomed the release of TSplus and RDS-Knight’s new interfaces, TSplus has released version 3.0 of the Mobile App. More secure and better integrated into the TSplus ecosystem than ever before, the TSplus Mobile App V3.0 provides easy and reliable access to all the important data that users need when they aren’t in the office. Discover the benefits of the TSplus Mobile App Version 3.0 below.

Modern Business Requires Modern Tools

As traditional business models change and technology continues to become a bigger part or everyone’s workplace, smart business owners have learned to harness the power of a mobile workforce. With the right tools, it is easier than ever for a business to establish a global presence without the traditional encumbrance that comes with maintaining brick and mortar offices.
To that end, TSplus offers a connectivity solution that is not only robust and scalable, it’s also mobile. TSplus has a solid history and reputation for remote desktop and application publishing solutions. With the new Mobile App V3.0, users can now take all those same tools and features on the road.

Mobility, Reliability…Security?

Mobility and reliability are important factors when building a remote access environment. But without strong security, even the most reliable system in the world is vulnerable to downtime resulting from attacks and intrusions. In addition to standard security measures like strong passwords and SSL certificates for web-accessible servers, The TSPlus Mobile App V3.0 now includes optional Two Factor Authentication. A dynamic and robust security addition that should be part of every administrators security plan when managing remote access servers.

TSplus Mobile App Version 3.0 includes great features and enhancements:

  • Optimized Resolution: With default settings optimized for many devices, TSplus also has many options to make working easier on small screens.  
  • Familiar Work Environment: Turn a Smartphone or tablet into a fully-fledged desktop or display a full-screen app. The TSplus App provides the same workspace experience, making the transition from PC to a mobile device smooth and natural.
  • Security: Connect to TSplus published applications and desktops via HTTPS protocol and SSL encryption for a secure and reliable connection.
  • Remote Printing: Use the TSplus Universal Printer from any device. No special drivers needed.
  • Two Factor Authentication: Add an extra layer of security to the users’ credentials with a unique PIN code generated on their mobile device via an authenticator app.
  • Compatibility: The TSplus Mobile App is built on the most recent HTML5 platform, ensuring maximum compatibility. No matter which type of mobile device users prefer, there is a TSplus Mobile App available for download.

Download the App on any of the following mobile stores:

RDS-Knight Version 4 Introduces a New Look and New Features

Following the recent update of TSplus to Version 12, the newest version of RDS-Knight has been released. Like the TSplus release, RDS-Knight comes with newly redesigned User Interface. Based on the same smart and easy to use design, the new RDS-Knight interface offers greatly improved experience and feature sets for both Users and Administrators. Keep reading to discover all the new benefits RDS-Knight Version 4 has to offer.


TSplus Announces Great Prospects for The Future of Remote Desktop

At the start of 2019, TSplus unveiled the most advanced version of its solution ever released: TSplus 12.20, the Future of the Remote Desktop platform. As a long-standing alternative to Citrix, TSplus delivers a powerful set of digital workspace technologies designed to virtualize Windows Desktop and apps. It is the easiest way for IT Administrators to manage and deliver critical business applications and desktops in the Cloud. John Davies, President and Founder of TSplus, shares his optimistic vision on the evolution of TSplus.

Simplifying The Future

The continually changing landscape of the digital business world requires solutions providers to not only improve their offerings and keep up with the changes that come every day,  it also means keeping one eye on tomorrow. With a history of success behind it, and a plan for the future in front of it, TSplus is a proven platform for managing corporate digital access.

There are still businesses hesitant about making the leap to running critical systems through apps and websites. Concerns about security, reliability and cost, combined with the number of available options these days can make the whole process seem overwhelming”.

According to John Davies, founder and CEO of Terminal Services Plus.

This is where TSplus Web Remote Access solution comes alive for the enterprise, offering a robust IT management experience and comprehensive user access to corporate data desktops and Windows applications, from any internet capable device. TSplus steps in as a facilitator, freeing businesses from the worries that can come with moving beyond traditional business models. Focused on helping customers realize the benefits of cloud computing, TSplus Remote Access solutions are radically simplifying today’s complex IT environments.

TSplus – The Swiss Army Knife for Remote Access Technology

TSplus empowers businesses to deliver virtual corporate environments within any web browser. The TSplus Web Portal combines applications, desktop access and file management in a secure, unified launchpad. Seamlessly blend remote apps and a local environment in the TSplus digital workspace. Create a digital work environment that is scalable and flexible. With the TSplus Web Portal, users will have instant access to all business resources, whether they are at the office, working from home or commuting.

In the modern age of the internet, where users expect quick access to their applications and data, TSplus offers a valuable solution, enabling users to connect and work with freedom”,

states Davies.

TSplus offers features for businesses of all sizes. Designed with simplicity in mind, business users with any level of IT skills can quickly configure and deploy desktops and apps from this powerful solution. This is great news for organizations who previously had to weigh their needs for server OS scalability and cost savings against client OS compatibility.

With an integrated suite of technologies, TSplus solutions deliver enterprise-class management and administration benefits for Secure Remote Access and apps virtualization.

The add-ons RDS-Knight and Server Genius give admins the ability to monitor the performance and operation of TSplus servers and the networks they operate in. These powerful security and monitoring tools scan for performance issues and security threats in real-time. This gives admins valuable end-to-end visibility into their production environments.

Additionally, the Enterprise Edition of TSplus offers the Load Balancing and the TSplus Gateway. As business grow, TSplus is right there growing with it.

Honor the Past. Build the Future.

TSplus has witnessed their market change rapidly over the last decade analogous to the company’s switch to HTML5 technology from JAVA run-time. Going with HTML5 provided the organization with maximum modern compatibility, leaving significant room for future innovation.

“Years ago I received a beautiful crystal ball from Prague as a gift from a friend. Whenever I need ideas for the future, I like to look into my crystal ball. The crystal ball now tells me that 2019 is our year to move beyond setting only technological standards. 2019 will be the year we create new meaning for the concepts of Quality and Professionalism”,

remarks Davies.

To know more, visit the website at www.terminalserviceplus.com

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