TSplus Expands Support Services

The release of TSplus version 12 brought big changes. With big changes can come big questions. The development team at TSplus understands this and has built a completely new support infrastructure. Additional support staff have been added and a new ticketing system has been implemented. Even more exciting is the introduction of new online help tools.

Designed with an eye toward increased user satisfaction, the new online help tools are an illustration of just some of the many ways that TSplus continues to pursue the dual goals of Quality and Professionalism in 2019. Keep reading for further details!

Keeping Support on the Cutting Edge

In a December’s announcement, TSplus detailed a freshly redesigned online support portal. Hosted on FreshDesk, the new support portal is designed to provide high quality service and rapid resolutions. The new support portal give both customers and support agents new options and tools for a more efficient support process.

As a first step, the online documentation has been completely rewritten to make it simpler, clearer, and easier to use. Additionally, TSplus has rolled out a new interactive chatbot!

Find Information in a Snap with TSplus’ Online Documentation 2.0!

On the TSplus “User Guide” page, visitors will now find an enhanced version of the technical documentation. The marketing and web development teams have combined their efforts to offer a better design and organization of information. The goal with this new presentation is to simplify the search for information by organizing different sections by features. All subparts and categories are now displayed dynamically on a single page, with navigation made easy thanks to the table of contents located on the left side. A search bar at the top of the page helps users find the right documentation even faster with a keyword search.​

The User Guide webpage now gives direct access to all products documentation – TSplus, RDS-Knight and Server Genius. Everything is in the same place. This creates a smoother flow of information, especially for customers who are using more than one TSplus product!

Access to the central support page can be easily integrated into TSplus partner websites just by adding the URL. When the documentation is updated at TSplus, those updates will be reflected in the embedded link. This allows resellers and regional support staff to always have the most recently updated technical information available. Of course, it is still possible to download the full User Guide in PDF format.

TSplus Introduces New Support Agents

Throughout the TSplus website, visitors will find a new feature located at the bottom-right corner of their screen. One click on the ‘Chat With Us!’ button gives direct access to the new TSplus Intelligent Support Agent.

The Intelligent Support Agent is a chatbot, created as an additional Support channel, to streamline tickets entries and help improve the quality of service by reducing workload to specific issues requiring human intervention.

This brings us to Marcus, the dedicated support engineer responsible for teaching the Intelligent Support Agent how to be a proper TSplus Support Agent.

Marcus’ first mission at TSplus was to train the ISA. He had to teach it everything there is to know about TSplus, RDS-Knight and Server Genius. After three months and a massive amount of data input, AI training and testing, the new Intelligent Support Agent is now online and capable answering approximately 100 commonly asked questions with quick, detailed and most importantly, correct answers. The Intelligent Support Agent will receive instant access to all of the most recent information about TSplus, the moment it becomes available. The constant flow of new information, combined with the ISA’s inherent learning capabilities make it a powerful support tool.

The virtual agent is able to answer hundred of questions; relative to technical support, licensing, website resources and more, as its knowledge is growing day by day.

Marcus explains:

The best way to use the Intelligent Support Agent chatbot is to ask simple, detailed questions, such as  ‘how to rehost my license’ or even just ‘rehost’. If you have a question about an error message, just write down the part of the error message that makes sense, such as ‘internal error’, or an error number. The chatbot is still young and is learning more every day – it will be much more intelligent and knowledgeable as time goes by! ”

Marcus, new Support Agent at TSplus.

However, when it comes to complex technical question, it is strongly recommended to open a Support ticket.

With the introduction of TSplus Version 12 and this  array of modern tools, TSplus continues to set the standard for modern Remote Access Solutions, merging security and reliability with a renewed focus on Quality and Professionalism.

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TSplus International Announces the Nomination of a Sales Director

On January 21st, TSplus’ entire headquarters team came together in Paris for the official kick off of the new year. The purpose was to announce strategic objectives and major organizational changes coming in 2019. One of those changes is the creation of a new executive position, “International Sales Director”.

Mr. John Davies, President of TSplus International, is delighted to announce the nomination of Mr. Alexandre Bokor, former CEO of Omniware, as the new International Sales Director. Beginning in March, Alexandre will take command of the Sales and Marketing team, starting a new era of international business development for TSplus.

TSplus Secure Remote Access, a Growing Success

For the past ten years, TSplus International has been providing secure remote desktop and web portal access, as well as Windows application delivery solutions to an ever growing market. TSplus International worldwide operations are spread throughout nine geographic locations: the USA and Canada, Latin America, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, the Middle East, Southern Asia, South-eastern Asia and Eastern Asia.​

During TSplus’ first meeting of the year which took place in Paris last month, John Davies presented the growth calculations from 2018. License sales have increased exponentially, reflecting an upward trend that can be traced back over 5 years.

During that time, TSplus has expanded it reseller network to over 5000 members worldwide.International collaboration is at an all-time high. Significant improvements have been rolled out through regular updates and planned version upgrades. The suite of available add-ons has improved and increased. Most importantly, the company has continued to grow and evolve internally to meet the demands that come with an expanding market presence.

While growth is important, it is vital that TSplus continues to set the standards of service and maintain a high level of satisfaction from both partners and users.

This brings us to 2019. The watchwords for the year are Quality and Professionalism. For this reason, Mr. John Davies has decided to create the International Sales Director position that Mr. Alexandre Bokor will hold from Paris, France.

A New Director to Structure TSplus’ Business Strategy

Since 2009, Mr. Alexandre Bokor has been successfully redistributing TSplus software through his own company, OmniWare, a leading solutions reseller in western europe . Over time, John and Alexandre have developed a solid relationship based on this successful partnership. As a result, in Autumn 2018, John had the idea to offer Alexandre the opportunity to join him in leading the TSplus international market.

Alexandre has the perfect profile for this mission. Based on his 10 years of experience selling TSplus, he is intimately familiar with the specific business challenges involved, and is a seasoned expert in the Remote Access market, sharing both the vision of the entrepreneur and the reseller in the field. This makes him uniquely qualified to fill a dual role –

  • Head of Sales and Marketing: Alexandre will lead the day to day operations of the talented sales and marketing staff. Bringing new insight and structure with a global focus, he will reinforce the stability of existing markets, while opening new ones.​
  • Strategic Director: Acting as the right-hand of the Chief Executive, he will help define the focus and direction of long-term strategies and investments with the primary objective of accelerating and consolidating the internal transformation of the company into a solid international organization. This is a team effort, requiring close collaboration with all the key players at TSplus – From Development and Tech Support to the Regional Directors.

With the creation of the Sales Director position, TSplus strengthens its foundation to grow even higher and further, taking TSplus’ performance to the next level.

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TSplus New 12.20 Release Offers Extra Security for the TSplus Web Portal

In January, TSplus customers discovered the new major release 12.20 displaying a fresh new look. Aside from the complete makeover of the Admintool and a smarter organization of all settings and configuration tools, the 12.20 release offers a new add-on: Two Factor Authentication (2FA). Read on for more details!

TSplus Increases Again Web Access’ Security

At TSplus, security has long been the top priority. Administrators can select from a wide range of options to enforce protective rules for their users and remote servers. A few examples of the tools available: Active Directory, Web credentials, SSL certificates.

As threats change and grow, TSplus’ Security Experts perform exhaustive research to stay in front of today’s security threats and to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. That’s how was born RDS-Knight, unique and amazing security add-on providing up to six protective features for RDS. To read more, check RDS-Knight web page.

The new 2FA tool completes this arsenal by adding an extra layer of security to the TSplus Web Application Portal.

TSplus 2FA Goes Beyond Password

The TSplus HTML5 Client allows users to remotely connect to their business applications whenever they want, wherever they are, just using a web browser. The TSplus Web application portal is a great solution for business who want to give their employees the flexibility to work from home or when traveling. It’s easy to set up, and administrators can customize it with a nice corporate design. 

However, as desktops and data move to the Cloud, and the line between work and personal space is blurred, the security solutions of yesterday are no longer enough to ensure the security of corporate networks.

Relying on just usernames and passwords to secure online accounts is no longer considered safe. The Development Team at TSplus recognized this and stepped up to create a better solution. 

Introducing Two Factor Authentication!

This new add-on is available with the TSplus Version 12 release as a 30-days trial for 10 users!

Two Factor Authentication has recently made a splash in cybersecurity because of its ability to drastically reduce the risk of hacks: It prevents access to users’ session even if someone knows their password.

How? It combines two different factors to complete the login process and to achieve a greater level of security:

  • The user credentials (Log-on/Password)
  • A secure code (generated by the authenticator app on Smartphone/Tablet/Smartwatch)

Users will always need both pieces of information to log in their session: their personal password and the random verification number displayed on their mobile device.

Access TSplus Web Portal using 2-steps- verification
TSplus 2FA Allows to Use Mobile as Extra Layer of Security

It is quick, intuitive and simple to implement. 

With TSplus 2FA built into the Web Portal or the Mobile App, users can authenticate using strong and frictionless passwords displayed on their mobile devices, even when these devices are off-line. With a single touch on the authenticator app, they can generate dynamic, one-time number combinations (the verification codes are generally reset every 30 seconds) to supplement static usernames and passwords with added security. It means that even if the passwords are acquired, they cannot be reused or sold.

The authenticator apps are available across a wide range of platforms. Customers can use the following:

Two-factor authentication is designed to work with the TSplus Web Portal and the TSplus App for mobile (customers can use the same code if it’s the same device!). Last but not least, TSplus provides this tool as an add-on: the license is valid “per server,” which is not the case for others “per name users” 2FA solutions on the market.

For more information, please visit the web page and have a look at TSplus Online Documentation. 

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