TSplus Reveals New Interface With Version 12 Release

TSplus Version 12 is now live and ready to run on your desktops, servers, and in the cloud!

TSplus is thrilled to announce big changes for 2019. The team of expert developers, with input from users and administrators, have brought TSplus a new look and new features. A new administration tool with refined workflow makes management easier than ever before. Read further to discover some of the highlights of the newest version of TSplus.

TSplus Aims to Consolidate its Achievements

For the past few years, The development team at TSplus have been running a race for innovation. Looking back at 2018 shows just how quickly the software has evolved. TSplus has become the most secure and powerful alternative to Citrix, Ericom and Parallels 2X. The R&D investments are paying off. TSplus is a  successful and reliable solution, gladly recommended by Network Administrators, IT resellers and Integrators all over the World.

Last December, TSplus published a summary of the major changes brought to the Application over the past year (see the Press Release TSplus Smart and Powerful Web Application Delivery Solution). In 2018, TSplus’ developments focused on three key points: Mobility, Security and Scalability. Today the software can be easily used on any type of device, with a common user experience that makes the transition from one device to another consistent and reliable. It has passed several security audits and includes many options to lock down remote sessions and protect servers from multiple types of cyber threats. Last but not least, the Development Team has performed important work on TSplus’ Alternative Shell to maintain compatibility with future versions of Windows.

In 2019, TSplus will continue to build on the successes of last year, with a renewed focus on quality and professionalism. TSplus version 12 is a major step in this direction.  The interface of the Administration Tool has been completely redesigned to provide a remote desktop application that is comprehensive, simple, and clearly organized for easy management. IT Administrators are going to be pleased with the fresh new look updated features.

TSplus 12 Presents a New Interface

The most visible change is the new Interface. With a new look and streamlined access to the core features, the TSplus Version 12 Interface was designed with three main objectives in mind.

  • Modern and User-Friendly Design: At once clean and functional, using modern design language to make management a breeze for administrators.
  • Easy and Intuitive Navigation: Tabs are now displayed in a bar on the left side of the Administration Tool. The lexicon used is obvious and logical.
  • Simplified Management: Features have been reorganized to present settings in a more logical way, making it easier for Administrators to configure a server quickly and simplify regular management operations – the most used features are more visible, the most used settings are pre-selected.
TSplus 12 Brand-New Interface
Discover a Modern and Intuitive Admin Tool for Easy Remote Desktop Management!

Larger than previous versions, TSplus 12’ interface displays clearly 10 different features accessible via the  tabs on the left side:

  • HOME: The homepage offers a real dashboard, displaying the most important information about the software and allowing quick actions on the server. It also includes an automatic audit of the local system to make sure everything is running normally as soon as the administrator starts the Admin Tool.
  • APPLICATIONS: The Application tab is a new addition to the top level menu that creates a central management console for application publishing. With just a few clicks the administrator can publish a new application or manage his existing apps.
  • PRINTER: The amazing Universal Printer feature finally gets the place it deserves! The TSplus Universal Printer makes it possible for users to print from within their published applications, using any device and any printer. With version 12, all of those great features are easier than ever to manage!
  • WEB: Continuing toward the goal of simplifying administration tasks, the web tab has been redesigned. All web activity from the Web Portal with its free SSL certificate generator to management of the Remoteapp client has been consolidated into one easy to manage console.
  • FARM: The Farm Manager is a special feature for TSplus Enterprise Edition administrators. In addition to all the great standard TSplus features, the Enterprise edition was designed with a special focus on scalability. The farm manager makes it easy to manage multiple servers in a larger enterprise infrastructure.
  • SESSIONS: Session and User Management made easy. Administrators can easily manage user access levels, groups and session types all in one place.    
  • SYSTEM TOOLS: Direct access to basic Windows system administration tools in a snap.
  • ADVANCED: Created for experienced IT Administrators, this tab offers a quick and easy way to add specific parameters and values directly to the TSplus program code.
  • ADD-ONS: Administrators can integrate additional programs and benefit from the ultimate Remote Desktop Solution with RDS-Knight, Server Genius and the amazing new Two Factor Authentication tool!
  • LICENSE: Allows administrators to quickly check on the status of their server’s license. As business grows and needs increase, the license manager includes a clear upgrade path to help keep resources scaled to needs.

TSplus 12 Now Offers Two Factor Authentication

Following the path set out in 2018, TSplus’ Development Team gave its users one more fantastic feature to start the new year!

Now, more than ever, Administrators have to be smart and creative to keep access to their data secure. Adding a Two Factor Authentication option to TSplus was the next logical step in its mission to provide safe online access to companies’ resources. As the bad guys get smarter and attack with better tools, passwords often aren’t enough to keep remote sessions secure anymore.

Two Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security by combining two different factors:

  • The user credentials (Logon/Password)
  • One security code provided by something each user immediately has at hand: His Smartphone with an authenticator app such as Google Authenticate.

Each time a user signs into a remote session via the Web Applications Portal he or she will need to enter a password and a code provided by the authenticator app on the mobile device.

Further details about this exclusive new tool will be revealed soon! Stay tuned and sign in for the TSplus Newsletter.

For more information, please see the Release Note.

TSplus International Develops Its Business in China

Last month, the President of TSplus International, John Davies, along with Olivier Benoit, the President of TSplus Asia, traveled to China to pursue business opportunities in Beijing and Hong-Kong. This mission has been successful in many ways and has allowed them to take the right decisions for TSplus’ development in Asia.

TSplus Signs its first Partnership Agreement in China

Since March 2018, TSplus has been targeting the Chinese IT market and has put a lot of efforts into penetrating the China Mainland business of Cloud and Application publishing solutions. After one year of investments and the creation of a localized Chinese website, the launch of an e-shop accepting Yuan payments, and close collaboration with the local team to build an efficient strategy, TSplus’ determination is starting to pay off.​

In this investment process, November was the right moment for John Davies and Olivier Benoit, TSplus’ executives, to attend a face to face meetings and to decide what will be the next steps in 2019/2020 time frame: Adrian Foo, the Director of the TSplus Asia Region and Jean-Baptiste Deal, TSplus agent in Hong-Kong have paved the way to turn this meeting into a successful business event. 

As a result, TSplus is pleased to announce its long-term partnership agreement with Cogito Software in Beijing. 

Based in Beijing University of Sciences and Technology district, Cogito Software, which was established in 2000, is a high-tech enterprise devoted to the design, development, and marketing of software products. 

Currently, Cogito Software  has a major expertise in the area of business applications and education training platform. For 18 years, Cogito Software has had an outstanding capability to build IT solutions based on its technical strength, its  R&D experience and its Professional Services team. Cogito Software has established and developed cooperation with high-end IT manufactures in Japan, South Korea, Europe and America. With over 2000 resellers and relationships with local retail outlets and online shops, Cogito Software has over 40,000 users within China mainland. 

Business ethical, Cogito Software not only has advanced products offerings and integrity attitude, but also has a comprehensive after-sales service system, a real understanding of customer needs and the goal to provide users with top-level hardware and software solution in a timely and effective way. In addition, the company has also a deep experience in the field of education.  Over the years, Cogito has committed to providing world-class education and teaching philosophy, science education for primary and secondary schools, and to provide a full range of education and teaching supporting solutions, which has won wide acclaim and recognition.

Mr. Rich Yu, CEO of Cogito Software and Mr. John Davies share the same vision regarding the benefits of building a long term technological and business relationships. Like Cogito Software, TSplus is involved in Education market worldwide as well as e-Government, Cloud Computing and Internet solutions. The technological cooperation between the two companies will enable building unique solutions for China demanding projects. Chinese customers’ requirements are similar to the US or the European ones and to properly address the upcoming 5 years’ Internet challenges, the best strategy is “Union is Power“.

“I have been extremely pleased to meet Mr. Rich Yu in Beijing” said John Davies, “We did understand each others and this is why we decided to join our efforts to fulfill China customers expectations.”

TSplus’ Business Development in Hong-Kong

As everybody knows, “Hong-Kong is China for the beginners“. With its 8.000 skyscrapers, Hong-Kong is a very special city. Nothing, worldwide, looks like Hong-Kong. Banks, insurances, trading companies, logistic business are all over and they are the DNA of Hong-Kong’s economy. As a result, the number of computers per square foot within these towers is just amazing:  unlimited computers from the first to the 80th floor. 

TSplus International President overlooking at Hong-Kong business towers

There is probably more TSplus market potential within 10 of these towers than within many states elsewhere“. John Davies said, looking at the Bank and the Business districts from S100 Tower roof. “You can feel IT and Internet at work everywhere“.

The first step will be to enable TSplus’ development in Hong-Kong. To do so, the team decided to create a specific web site (https://tsplus.hk), already online; to contact all of the IT sector market players in Hong-Kong and to avoid the confusion because China and Hong-Kong are different market places. TSplus Asia will lead a specific action to conquer Hong-Kong high-potential market. 

For more information, please visit their web site: terminalserviceplus.com 

TSplus is the best and costless alternative to Citrix, GO-Global and Ericom AccessNow.

“At TSplus, we focus on a single driving principle: making the world’s apps and data secure and easy to access – Anywhere. At any time. On any device or network.We believe that our technology can free organizations and help them to push the limits of productivity and innovation, as well as give IT the peace of mind that critical systems will always be accessible and secure. Everything we do focus on our core values: simplicity, effectiveness, innovation, security, and accessibility. Since 2007, day after day, TSplus accomplishes this mission, by building the world’s best integrated technology services for secure delivery of apps and data – anytime, anywhere. ​”

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