TSplus Smart and Powerful Web Application Delivery Solution

As 2018 draws to a close, TSplus proudly reflects on the technological advances it has succesfully undertaken during the past year. The recent releases of its ultimate remote desktop software have greatly enhanced its sustainability as a long-term and reliable Windows app delivery solution. The 11.80 version released this week confirms its continued evolution, and helps shape the future for TSplus

Before stepping into a new era of innovation, let’s review TSplus’ numerous improvements for 2018.

An Enhanced Remote Desktop Experience on Mobile Device

Since mobility is central to an organization’s development, TSplus has witnessed an increase in the number of mobile users every year. This is why in 2018, TSplus has, in part, focused its development efforts on customers wishing to continue working within their company’s applications even when they are off site.

The following settings and features have enabled users to enjoy secure remote access to Windows desktop and apps when using tablets and smartphones:

  • Release 11.10 introduced the change: the Web Application Portal has been completely redesigned to deliver the best performance on mobile devices, with additional customization options and enhanced responsiveness for a better display. Administrators are now able to make changes to the screen size, organization, transparency, background colors and logo as well as to the pointer and keyboard.
  • Release 11.20 followed up on these developments with a major achievement: the release of TSplus’ very first mobile app! Available on all mobile market places (Google Play, Apple Store and iTunes, Windows Apps etc.) for all mobile operating systems and in different languages, this app has changed the lives of TSplus mobile users and all digital nomads by giving them 24/7 access to their Windows applications from anywhere with ONE CLICK. In addition, the TSplus app is available at no charge to all TSplus 11.20 (and up) customers.
TSplus mobile App icone on Ipad
  • The TSplus App Version 2 was released in June, and provided an outstanding new feature:the ability to print remotely from any mobile device without the need to install a driver on the client’s side! Users can easily print any document or photo saved on the TSplus remote server directly on the nearest available printer.It also adapts bandwidth usage according to the quality of the network for optimal stability.

A Smart and Easy-to-Manage Remote Desktop Application

In 2018, TSplus focused its efforts on simplifying IT administrators’ jobs by providing a remote desktop application that is comprehensive, simple and clearly organized for easy management.

  • Beginning with Release 11.30, TSplus has been adding options to assist administrators in the setting of appropriate parameters according to their infrastructure and needs. The GPO code was recently entirely rewritten for this purpose. By allowing a more extensive customization, TSplus offers more flexibility and scalability to its customers for an optimal remote desktop experience, compatible with their corporate values. 
  • Release 11.50 took this evolution a step further by providing a simplified updating process. Since updates must be peformed frequently to keep up with innovations in the market place, it’s important for it to be quick and easy. All updates can now be applied directly from TSplus’ AdminTool which directly downloads the file, checks the validity of the license and automatically runs it, saving precious time for the administrator.

Security at the Core of TSplus Development

One of the major goals of TSplus in 2018 (and in the upcoming year) has been to provide users with the highest level of security. Remote desktop services are an easy target for cyber criminals looking to hack into servers in order to steal precious data or corrupt an entire system. Remote Desktop is a great tool for organizations of all sizes, as it allows for the optimization of IT resources by providing easy access to Windows applications. TSplus’ development team has performed numerous security enhancements to further improve user security and to facilitate administrators’ roles with respect to this important topic.

  • Release 11.40 introduced a powerful solution with the encryption of logins and passwords on the web application portal. If a user enters a wrong password more than ten times, his or her session is locked for a certain period of time as determined by the administrator. Moreover, the Client Generator has been redesigned to prevent incompatibility with Windows security and false positive reactions on anti-viral software installed on the client’s side. This ensures greater stability and reliability when using TSplus on the most recent Windows operating systems.
  • Beginning with Release 11.40, TSplus’ set-up and update programs have included a free fifteen-day trial version of RDS-Knight’s full-featured version (Ultimate Edition). When installed by the user, this powerful security add-on is automatically integrated with TSplus, and provides up to six powerful protections to keep RDS servers safe. 
RDS-Knight is a powerful cyber security agent which protects RDS servers with 6 features.
  • TSplus’ new releases always come with the most recent versions of all its components, including its HTML5 kernel, support for all browsers, PDF reader and SSL Certificates. According to TSplus’ latest pen test audits (hacker penetration test reports), the TSplus 11.70 Web Portal and TSplus HTML5 solution achieve the highest level of security possible. However, the company does not intend to stop working on this never-ending challenge. Security is, and will continue to be, a priority for the development team.

A Remote Desktop Solution For Every Type of Organization

In 2018, TSplus decided to review its sales strategy and to offer updated product assortments and licensing options. As a first step,TSplus reviewed its pricing strategy, and two new editions have been added to its monitoring add-on, Server Genius. With its revised pricing, TSplus continues to be a competitively-priced solution compared to other solutions on the market!

  • Additionally, since Release 11.60, TSplus has been offering a major innovation that allows the program to secure optimal compatibility with any new Microsoft update. In fact, TSplus now fully complies with the most recent Windows versions, adding even more features to outperform in Windows 2016 & W10 remote desktop application environments. How is this performance possible? TSplus developed its own alternative to the Windows shell. “WinXShell” is a remote desktop display solution which reproduces the same user experienceas the original, while eliminating all related issues. This is the best way for administrators to provide an enjoyable user experience with the best performance and stability, regardless of the size of the installation.
  • This alternative shell has been further improved with Release 11.70, and marks a turning point for the remote desktop experience. TSplus 11.70 is not only the best solution for all of Windows shell’s well-known issues, it also paves the way for continued support of future requirements.

TSplus Releases a 11.80 Version Just Before Christmas…

TSplus 11.80 has been generally available since last week, and further improves upon the features mentioned above.

TSplus 11.80 Adds a Stronger Security Layer:

  • The TSplus HTML5kernel has been redesigned to include more security measures, such as enabling”Encryption Oracle Remediation”.  It also offers the option toaccept local RDP connections only to cookie-approved RDP clients.
  • The “Group Policies (GPO)”code has once again been improved to disallow incompatible settings which, in fact,greatly simplifies administrative and management tasks.
  • All TSplus’ components have been updated for the best possible stability and compatibility, including support for all browsers, the latest version of GhostScript (PDF reader) and OpenSSL for free SSL Certificates.

TSplus 11.80 Offers a Better Remote Desktop User Experience

  • To improve the user experience, TSplus’ various processes have been optimized to run even faster. This is the case for session log-offs or Universal Printer installations.
  • Customization is still at the core of TSplus’ development objectives, and this new version brings pleasing new display options: the TSplus task bar on full screen, an Overlap task barand a betterSystray icon display.

Why TSplus Will Remain the Best Alternative to Citrix in 2019

TSplus is happy to satisfy its customers by placing their present and future needs at the heart of its objectives. Security, quality and sustainability will be at the center of its 2019 strategy.

And change has already begun! The development team has been searching for an innovative solution for offering an optimized support service portal. In addition to its quicker response capabilities, TSplus is pleased to offer a new, simpler way of expanding its shared knowledge base by offering a place where the community can quickly find answers to important questions, and where anyone can share their TSplus expertise and best practices for the benefit of the entire community.

Customers and partners can already benefit from the full range of TSplus support services on the Support Center page of their website.

TSplus is also looking forward to offering exclusive innovations to help ring in the new year. In January, customers will discover the new 12.0 release. They can expect a brand new look for their favorite Remote Desktop app, along with the most technologically advanced solutions to ensure a great user experience!

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TSplus International Supports Regional Development

Three years ago, TSplus was making a major step in its international development: for more efficiency, the company divided its worldwide operation into strategic and inter-dependant geographic areas named “Regions”. In November 10, TSplus’ Marketing Manager Floriane Mer has visited one of its most successful Region Director: Mr. Christian Platzer, Director of Southern Europe and Africa Regions. Christian Regions’ sales contribution to TSplus worldwide turnover is significant.  This explains TSplus Headquarter major concern for sharing information, acquiring intelligency and improving the relationship with its Regions.

TSplus Regions, Pillars of TSplus International Development

TSplus has been providing Remote Desktop and Applications Delivery across the World for more than 10 years. Starting from Australia, the market penetration has expanded quickly to the US, Europe, Latin America and India. More recently, TSplus extended its operation in Middle-East, Africa and Asia. From 2015, the company has evolved into an international organization. This development is relying on the efficiency of few key players appointed by the Headquarter as Region’s Directors.

It’s time now to strength the tight and trustful relations with these strongly motivated TSplus ambassadors and to share with them strategic decisions.” said Floriane Mer, Marketing Manager.

TSplus business model is a cluster of  10 Regions. Each Region has its own profit center: TSplus Western Europe, TSplus Central Europe, TSplus Southern Europe and Africa, TSplus Eastern Europe, TSplus USA/Canada, TSplus Latin America, TSplus Middle-East, TSplus Southern Asia, TSplus South-East Asia and TSplus Eastern Asia.

Region Directors are empowered to manage their business development according to their decisions and own strategy.

It would be a mistake to believe that  Italy, India or Argentina have the same culture” said Floriane. “Directorshave a greater knowledgeof what shall be done intheir Regions than the Headquarter“.

Each Region has its value as an essential contributor to TSplus’ success, ensuring adapted support to all Distributors, Software Editors and Resellers acting within the countries involved. As a result, the overall TSplus’ worldwide operation relies on a wide resellers network, which keeps growing along with the number of happy TSplus’ end-users.

Aware of the power of its Regions, TSplus International is committed to meet its Directors and to share with them on its vision of the future developments and evolution of the organization.

TSplus Proud to Make its Region Distributors’ success

It’s with this perspective in mind that Floriane Mer, head of International Marketing for TSplus, has given last month a personal visit to Mr. Christian Platzer, Director of TSplus South Europe and Africa Regions. His success story is a great illustration of the benefits from partnering with TSplus.

C.Platzer leads TSplus South Europe Region from Italy

Originally from the northern German speaking region of Italy, Christian is a real IT expert: he has been doing technical support for years before he decided to start his own software distribution business from 2005. He discovered TSplus in 2010 the most common way: looking for a better and cost-effective alternative to Citrix XenApp.

Christian is a clever, gifted and smart business manager. He has quickly understood the strong market potential of TSplus. It was then logically that he took the decision which changed his life: “My focus shall be in promoting TSplus Remote Desktop solutions in Italy“. He opened his own online shop soon after that.

In 2014, when the Headquarter decided to split the world into Regions, Christian has been naturally the one appointed to lead TSplus’ development in the Southern Europe Region. This strategy has been extremely rewarding and today Christian is at the head of one of the largest TSplus’ resellers network (more than 800 resellers in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta, Balkans, Bulgaria, Maghreb and Africa). From 2015, every year, Christian revenues two digits growth is impressive. Using his communication and technical skills, Christian is able to value TSplus’ amazing features to support ten thousands customers in its Region with the help of his numerous resellers.

TSplus has been a decisive business choice for Christian, providing him with an innovative and reliable corner stone that enabled him to build a stable and powerful brand which never ceases to renew and improve itself.

Christian is a typical example for IT professionals choosing to partner with TSplus and making the bright choice : investing on a product to build the Future.

TSplus and its Regions United to Ensure Sustainability and Efficiency

When it comes to warrant a consistent relationship, communication is a key factor.

This one must be trustful, transparent and direct. This means frequent contact with phone calls, messaging, mailing, and of course, face to face meetings to sustain a high-quality relationship. Transparency is also essential for building trust between parts: TSplus strives to share exclusive information with its Region Directors, as well as to stay tuned to any request and feedback from them.

In regard of TSplus’ international fast growing operation, it became necessary to structure the organization. TSplus’ market is moving and so are the needs for better information sharing, collaboration tools and strong support to accompany each Region’s development.

To learn more about TSplus, visit the website.

It’s easy to become a happy TSplus partner: just contact sales@tsplus.net to learn about the exclusive advantages reserved for TSplus resellers.

TSplus Invests in a Brand New Support Portal

As part of TSplus’ continuous efforts to provide the best possible service, the support team is pleased to announce the launch of its new ticketing system and knowledge-based integrated platform, built with FreshDesk. Expanding on the capabilities of the current platform, the new platform will improve the service TSplus provides to its worldwide clients by increasing responsiveness, access to accurate information and quality of service. (more…)

Announcing TSplus International & Choice Clouds Partnership

Mr. John Davies, President of TSplus International s.r.o, and Mr. Adeola Momolosho, CEO of Business Choice Integrated Concerns Ltd, are happy to announce their partnership for the distribution of the TSplus product line in Africa under the «Choice Cloud» brand name. (more…)

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