TSplus Enterprise Includes Exclusive Centralized Server Farm Manager

By Floriane Mer, Marketing Manager at TSplus –

Executive Summary : TSplus has released its latest 9.70 version on time for Christmas. As part of the Enterprise Edition, this release includes – among others great enhancements – a new full Farm Manager feature. With TSplus Server Farm Manager, you can synchronize, deploy and manage your settings from the Gateway server across large farms of TSplus servers.

Announcing TSplus 9.70 Release General Availability

– By Floriane Mer, Marketing Manager at TSplus –

Executive summary: Today, TSplus announces the new release of its all-in-one software for Remote Desktop Connections, Application Publishing, Client Generation, and much more : the TSplus 9.70 Release can be downloaded now for free. What are the innovations included? TSplus Development Team enumerates the multiple features that maintain TSplus as the most simpleand powerful Citrix alternative.

TSplus Enterprise Features Its Windows Application Servers Farm For Warranted Scalability and Performances

Executive Summary: TSplus Enterprise Edition automatically distributes any new incoming connection to the least loaded Windows Application Servers of the farm. Based on its in-built TSplus load balancer, the deployment of any number of concurrent sessions becomes fully scalable. TSplus Enterprise Edition includes the TSplus Gateway, the Reverse Proxy and the Web Portal roles within one integrated and costless solution.

Parallels 2X vs TSplus

What is a good Remote Desktop alternative?

A good Remote Desktop alternative will not allow an organization’s IT systems to jeopardize the quality of business operations and customer service. It is essential that whichever Remote Desktop solution you choose offer financial stability, support and ongoing technical development, a simple licensing model, quick installation and easy day-to-day management.

Below, you’ll find information to help you compare TSplus and 2X, including features, customer experiences, pricing and thoughts from current TSplus customers who have made the switch.

We hope this will help you to decide.


TSplus Application Delivery System Increases Your Business Agility

– By Floriane Mer, Marketing Manager at TSplus

Executive Summary: Desktop virtualization concepts allow your employees to connect to business processes from anywhere, at anytime. This flexibility increases the productivity of your business while saving expenses on infrastructure.
With several years of proven track record and thousands of satisfied clients, TSplus offers the right solution for your virtualization and Application Delivery needs.


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