TSplus HTML5 clients, 10 great features

TSplus HTML5 clients is a very unique software, including more than 10 great features:

1. World’s lowest browser memory consumption allows to run on low profile devices like smartphones and especially thin clients.

2. Fastest screen drawing thank to native browser support means lesser power consumption and longer accu run time.

3. Best touch engine with mouse pad and cursor emulation on all mobile devices.

4. World’s widest device and browser compatibility¬†(runs even on IE6.5 and on Android native browsers, even on Android ARM6 devices with native browser – 60% of all Android devices are ARM6, 40% ARM7 and newer)

5. Own cached drawing engine and support of binary transfer reduce the traffic usage up to 33%.

6. Page refresh support (accidental refresh does not close your connection)

7. Support of servers behind reverse proxies.

8. Respects client’s http server, so all PHP and MySQL servers may be used concurrently to HTML5 server.

9. SSL/TLS support on all ports even on these thought to be unsecured, on same port may run up to 5 different protocols.

10. Clip-board, sound support and file transfer.

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