Web enabling with TSplus

TSplus Mobile Web Edition, the most comprehensive solution for web-enabling your Windows legacy applications!

Windows applications in particular perform very poorly with remote access, forcing people who need them elsewhere to use expensive remote control solutions, or, if they have the money and the technical expertise, Windows Terminal Server and Citrix MetaFrame. It would seem, then, most of us won’t be enjoying the benefits of “Web enabling” for a rather long time. Ah, but not so! Some have solutions that Web enable legacy applications, and with no reprogramming.

The first, and the most comprehensive of these solutions, is TSplus.


Mobility management with TSplus

Connect from anywhere at any time with TSplus Corporate Edition!

The transformation of computing through mobility, consumerization, bring your own device (BYOD) and flex work offers powerful benefits for today‚Äôs organizations but it poses significant challenges for IT. These trends make it possible to increase business agility, individual productivity and job satisfaction by freeing people to choose the best time, place and device to get their work done. To allow this flexibility, though, IT must be able to secure apps and data on a potentially unlimited variety of devices, over any kind of network, in any location even when the same devices likely also contain personal apps and data. (more…)

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