Sharing Local USB devices


To be able to access USB device from a remote server, your USB device must first be shared. This is a bit like sharing your hard disk resources among other users on the network. However, unlike file sharing, a USB device becomes inaccessible for local usage once (and while) it is shared.

In fact, USB for RDP shares a USB port, to which you can connect any USB device. Moreover, you can disconnect a device, and connect another one to the shared USB port. No system reboot or application restart is needed. Just unplug your USB flash drive, then plug-in your USB webcam, and it will automatically appear on the remote server.

To access any USB device remotely from the remote server, the device must be plugged into the shared USB port on the local computer. To enforce this, USB for RDP only allows you to share a port which already has a USB device plugged in it.

Share a local USB device

Simply open USB for RDP, select the "Share Local USB devices" tab and select the USB device that you want to share in the device list.

Then click on the "Share" button of the toolbar.

The device background color will change to a light blue and the text "Shared and waiting for a remote connection" will be displayed, showing that the USB device is now shared and ready to be used on a remote computer.

Screenshot 1

Unshare a local USB device

To make shared USB device inaccessible for remote computers, you have to unshare this device.

Unsharing should also be performed if you need the USB port for local usage.

To unshare a USB device, select the "Share Local USB devices" tab, select the USB device you want to unshare and click on the "Unshare" button of the toolbar.

Next step

Once shared, the USB device can be used remotely.

Connect to a remote server using RDP, then Use the shared USB device remotely.

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