Run USB for RDP Setup program and then follow the installation steps.

Please note that you must run this Setup as an Administrator, but don't worry, Windows will automatically require it.

Setup Screenshot 1

Click on "Next".

Setup Screenshot 2

Click on "Next" if you agree to the license.

Setup Screenshot 3

The Setup is now ready to install USB for RDP on your computer.

Click on "Next" to start the actual installation.

Setup Screenshot 4

A progress bar is displayed and allows you to follow the installation progress.

Please be patient, as it can sometimes take up to a few minutes to fully install the software.

Setup Screenshot 5

The installation is now finished.

To use USB for RDP, you just have to logoff from remote RDP sessions (if any).

The free trial version is fully featured for 2 weeks.

Download USB for RDP free trial version

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