Customizing the Description of a USB device


Sometimes it can be difficult to identify which USB device is the one you are interested in using, especially when there are a lot of USB devices shared.

That is why USB for RDP includes a feature to customize any USB device description.

How to customize the description of a USB device

To update the description of a USB device, open USB for RDP.

In the main window, select the tab "Share Local USB devices", select an USB device and click on the "Description" button of the toolbar.

Screenshot 1

The following window will be displayed:

Screenshot 2

You can type the description that you want for the selected device, then click on the "OK" button.

Your customized description will be displayed in the list of the "Share Local USB devices" tab on the current computer, and also in the list of the "Use Remote USB devices" tab on any remote server on which this USB device is shared or connected at the next refresh of this list.

Screenshot 3

How to clear/remove an existing description

To clear an already customized description, select the USB device in the list and click on the "Description" button of the toolbar.

In the window displayed, simply let the input field empty, and click on the "OK button".

The description will be cleared.

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