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About us

TSplus is the most cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative to Windows Terminal Server (TSE), Remote Desktop Service (RDS) and Citrix. Mobile users can start applications or a Remote Desktop session from any device (iPhone, IPAD, Galaxy, MAC...). TSplus makes it possible to run legacy applications inside the web browser without needing to rewrite them for each specific device.

With HTML5, TSplus provides the ultimate solution for many other Windows experiences. Imagine the potential for Cloud Computing: users can share applications and data with others all over the world, by simply having them connect to their home computer using Firefox or Safari. TSplus is really a new communication platform.
With smooth and easy access to your Windows applications, you can share your data and business workflow with the people in your team without any limitation.

Cloud Computing is just one of the potential uses. By working with developers and partners across the world, together we can dream up many more.
We believe this kind of flexibility is going to become part of daily life for millions of people.

Mobile working was once a dream in the realm of science fiction. But the Internet was also once a dream, and so were computers, tablets and smartphones.
The future is coming and we have a chance to build it together. I can't wait to start working − along with the whole TSplus team − on bringing this future to the world, and unlocking new realms for all of us.

TSplus is a privately held company. TSplus International s.r.o is registered and has its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic. The company has operations located in the USA, in Mexico (Latin American region), in Germany (Central Europe region), in Italy (Southern Europe region), Poland (Eastern Europe region), in France (Western Europe region), in Israel (Middle-East region), Sri Lanka (India region), Malaysia (South Asia region) and Taiwan (Eastern Asia region). Each region is privately held by its Regional Director and is acting as a Business Unit with its own profit center. The entire operation is structured as a cluster to achieve the company’s business goals. TSplus’ development team is located in Paris, France and Sochi, Russia. Its worldwide sales operation has been set up in the USA.

The international network of 500 resellers, VARs and OEM partners is contributing to the strength and the company’s revenue growth. In each major country, one key distributor is in charge of its territory and he communicates regularly with the Regional Director. Some distributors are promoting re-branded versions of TSplus to avoid distribution channel conflicts. The organic company revenues growth for the past 3 years is over 50% per year.

At the end of 2015, the company was proud to exceed 100,000 customers using TSplus. The company has customers and resellers in over 120 countries. Some large corporations such as Auchan Group or Siemens own hundreds of licenses. We are also covering most of the possible market segments. TSplus customers are small- or medium-sized companies with 1-4 systems deployed within their network to handle from 3 to 200 concurrent users.

John Davies - TSplus President

Our team

John Davies
TSplus founder and CEO

John Davies is Chief Executive Officer of TSplus group. He quickly became known as a leader who could span a breadth of technologies and businesses to transform TSplus development into a worldwide success story. Most recently, John Davies carried the Project 2020 which is splitting the TSplus International operation into 9 Regions: USA/Canada, Latin American, Central Europe Region, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, India, South East Asia and Eastern Asia. All regions are lead by one gifted Regional Director, acting as a Business Unit and a Profit Center manager. Before founding the TSplus group in April 2004, John Davies held leadership roles in both software and hardware US companies: Compuware Corporation, Harris Corporation, Texas Instrument, Control Data Corporation and Prime Computers. Originally from France, John Davies lives in Paris. For the past 40 years, he traveled all around the world and enjoyed an exciting professional life. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economy and a master’s degree in computer sciences from the University of Toulouse. He is married and has four children.

Olivier Benoit
TSplus Asia President
Support Team Manager

Since 2006, Olivier is leading the worldwide TSplus Support Team. The Support Team mission is to efficiently provide services to warrant the satisfaction of all TSplus customers and to assist them all in making the best use of TSplus technology. In addition to the provided support services, Olivier Benoit is in charge of the TSplus group IT infrastructure and the test labs. Olivier Benoit is co-founder and president of TSplus Asia and leads TSplus business development in this strategic and fast growing area. Based on his extensive skills in Windows server administration, Olivier Benoit specialized in virtualization, data base systems, data saving and security. With 20 years experience in IT, support and hot-line in software and hardware areas, he is a valuable asset for his team. Prior joining TSplus, Olivier did work with CEGID, one of the leading French software editor, TIBCO and Tulip Computer as field support engineer and Compuware Corporation as Telecom Consultant. Olivier Benoit graduates from Hollyhock High School, Massachusetts, USA and he earned a bachelor’s degree in computer technology in Paris, France.

Adrien Carbonne
TSplus USA-LATAM President
Chief Technical Officer

Product-minded Chief Technology Officer and graduated with a master of computer sciences degree from EFREI Engineering College, Adrien Carbonne has the passion of doing things right. Adrien Carbonne’s team has the ultimate responsibility for delivering all TSplus development projects which form sophisticated and complex systems which are cutting edge and have significant investment planned over the next four years to help further grow the business and cement TSplus position as market leaders for years to come. Adrien Carbonne is co-founder and president of TSplus USA-LATAM and leads TSplus business development in our most successful market place area. Before joining the TSplus group in September 2013, Adrien Carbonne held engineering and management roles in Societe Generale, DELETEC, Hop-Cube and ANEO.

Camille Carbonne
Web Technology Expert

In between web designing, developing, coding and building web applications, Camille Carbonne chairs ADMANTEAM, the R&D company of TSplus group. She found the time to create TSplus eye-catching sites and the design the TSplus Web Portal technologies. A gorgeous example of beautifully illustrated logon page that she's worked on. Simple but very effective. She graduated with a master of computer sciences degree from EFREI Engineering College. Prior joining TSplus group, Camille Carbonne held consultancy roles in French government institutions, ONISEP and DILA, Louis Vuitton and i-France.

Laura Grenier
Marketing Manager

Laura Grenier wears two hats: she prepared an English language and literature degree at the University of Lyon, France, and a Computer and Telecom degree. She combines these two key competencies to design the sales documents such as product catalogs, white papers, PowerPoint presentations as well as technical documentation which constantly updated to reflect the enhancements and the benefits of each new TSplus release. She is also creating the TSplus video tutorial-videos and is supervising TSplus communication campaigns. Working side by side with TSplus Support Team, she is involved in every aspect of TSplus product offerings and business. Her mission is to pave the way of TSplus future.

Floriane Mer
Marketing Manager

Floriane Mer joined TSplus International team in Prague to implement the worldwide marketing and communication strategy of the TSplus Group. She graduated with a Bachelor in Business Law and a Master of Management, specialized in communication and Marketing. She is the one who is talking to the World, spreading TSplus news and promoting its products to the customers and the partners through Press releases, blog articles, content for the corporate websites and the social networks. Regarding the internal communication, she maintains a strong dialog among all the Regions, so that all TSplus representatives speak with one voice and send the same messages. She is the warrant of a cohesion between every entity of the Group, by gathering them around the same line of communication. Her talent with words associated to her creativity and her "business" vision is a precious asset in TSplus management team.

Mounia Zinbi
Office and Administrative Manager

Mounia Zinbi is a passionate, highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professional who joined TSplus in 2015 to help TSplus headquarters to run the back office functions. Her role is accountable for executing finance, general office administration and human resources functions. She creates and maintains a positive, professional working environment that reflects the TSplus’ mission, vision and values. TSplus Headquarter Office Administration includes: creating, developing and maintaining all office operations, workflow and procedures, maintaining office efficiency by planning and implementing office systems, layouts, and equipment procurements, keeping management informed by reviewing and analyzing special reports, compiling information and identifying trends, assisting TSplus Executives and related team members with annual budget preparation, reviewing and reporting. Mounia Zinbi possesses the ability to multitask, prioritize and complete a high volume of tasks and projects with a great deal of autonomy. She makes smart and timely decisions, understanding when to take ownership of a decision and when to involve other parties.

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